Hui - A Tan Dun Project

“What is very little heard in European or Western music is the presence of sounds as the voice of nature...” John Cage on Tan Dun
“…beautifully staged and choreographed.” - Taipei Times  
“…visually stunning” - Taipei Times

This dance-theatre performance is inspired by the music of the Chinese-American composer, Tan Dun. 

Visualizing his piano repertoire, the audience is presented with a fusion of Eastern aesthetics from choreographer Ming-Lung Yang and Western contemporary choreography from Iván Pérez.

The performance explores the fluidity of memories, how we change in our lives, how our environment molds us, and how we often long to return home.  

A dance performance, with the aesthetics of dance, live piano performance, theatre and lighting, enticing the imagination through a journey from East to West and back again.

A performance commissioned by National Theatre & Concert Hall (NTCH) Taipei, premiered in Taipei at "Dancing in Autumn" in November 2015. 

Hui Trailer

Performed by: Dance Forum Taipei Choreographers: Ivan Perez & Ming-Lung Yang

Pianists: Yu-Ting Hsu & Wen-Chuan Wang

Director & Designer: Josh Armstrong (Cryptic)

Co-Director: Cathie Boyd (Cryptic)

Lighting Designer: Nich Smith (Cryptic) 

Costume Design: Keith Lin

Co-producer: Korzo

Producers: DFT/Ping Heng & Anmaro