Kim Bora - Tail Language

'Tail language’ is satirizing the hypocritical biculturalism and the analytical error of human language, through movements inspired by the symbolic system of tail language and gestures from imaginative animals. 

It aims to breakaway from body and language through the process of dismantling and recombining
structural and semiotic movements such as the intersection of lines and shapes.

This work is a process that reveals the language of body, which is more primitive and lucid than text and words. 

It is a small but important attempt to discover "truth" in the opposite side of the social dialogue and relationships concealed by hypocrisy and superficial intellectualism.

Choreographed by Bora Kim

  • 5 dancers
  • 40 minutes
  • Premiered: 2014 - Daehakro Arts Theatre Seoul
  • 2016.  Collaboration project with Installation artist by National Museum of Modern Contemporary Art
  • 2016.  Seoul Educators Workshop with Lincoln Center Institute, Korea
  • 2016.  Changmu International Performing Arts Festival
  • 2015.  Cervantino International Festival, Mexico
  • 2015.  PAMS Choice by Seoul Arts Market, Korea
  • 2014.  Rough Cut Nights by the Arts and Co. , Korea

Tail Language