Southbank Gamelan & Plaid - Gamelantronics

".. the effect is bewitching.. it's illuminating to see artists from these two genres working together" -Drowned In Sound  

Recently, a trend has evolved within electronic music for DJs and laptop artists to mash gamelan samples or improvisations with slick technological noise. It’s a thread of influence that has so far gone largely unacknowledged but an upcoming collaboration between Plaid – electronic duo Ed Handley and Andy Turner – and London’s Southbank Gamelan Players (SBGP) seeks to explore its potential more fully. (Laura Battle)

Warp label pioneers of hypnotic groove and electro-alchemy Plaid, will be blending their trademark sound with the mesmerising textures and rhythms of a Javanese gamelan orchestra. Gamelan has been an influence on western music from ecstatic rockers, to wall of sound hip-hop collages and electronic artists such as Aphex Twin and Kode9 but a collaboration such as this have never before shared the same stage, until now. 

Commissioned by the Southbank Centre for Ether Festival 2009