U-Theatre - Beyond Time

"Beyond Time isn’t so much an avant-garde piece but a transitory piece.  It doesn’t do artsy stuff for the sake of being artsy.  It has great purpose in all its movements and is beautiful in its staging. - Meaghan McGurgan, HKELD
"The production was probably the most metaphysical of the Zen drumming group’s that I have seen and it was a visual delight…The illuminations of a starry void where meteor drops turn into swirls and curls of light were stunning." - Diane Baker, Taipei Times
"The spiritual piece fuses thunderous drumming, sacred dance, martial arts, nomad singing and multimedia projection…a timeless journey in celebration of the awe-inspiring moments in life." - Janice Leung, South China Morning Post

Besides from keeping the usual quiet dynamism the biggest breakthrough for Beyond Time in form and characteristics is its deep integration with technology without affecting the strength of the performers.  

With the power of man as the main component, through the technical realization of theatre technology, U-Theatre expresses aptly the relationship between “man” and “universe”.  

It explains in a tangible way how the “insignificant self” that searches for mankind’s mysterious power transcends the constraints of intellectual thinking to return to the “unknowns” of the moment.

U-Theatre departs from the traditional styles of drum playing by having the performers carry the drums on their backs and use their bodies to convey the sounds, creating rhythm with tempo.  

The several mega drums that fill the stage vibrate non-stop amongst the quiet and pure signals made by the drummers, sending them to beyond time which is too distant to detect, too distant to know and too distant to even think about!

Beyond Time Trailer